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Yellowstone Event System


Designed for members only, the Yellowstone Event System is an innovative service that is more than just an incident management system. It is designed to be an all encompassing, multi-service platform for every valued member of Yellowstone. This complete system is provided at no additional charge and Yellowstone encourages each member to use the system in its complete and full capacity. Listed below are the separate components of the Yellowstone Event System.


Yellowstone places an emphasis on risk management, specifically incident reporting and tracking. The Yellowstone Event System comes with an electronic incident reporting system, at no additional charge. This system is paramount in targeting risk management issues in each member facility that participates.


The credentialing service we provide is a comprehensive system that includes all of the modules needed to streamline and automate the credentialing process. All of the modules are built upon this single powerful database, thus allowing them to work seamlessly with each other. Feel assured that all of your credentialing needs will be taken care of correctly.

List Serve

The Yellowstone List Serve is a resource that connects all the Risk Managers in the Yellowstone membership. This list serve provides the contact information for each Risk Manager so that they are able to reach out and communicate with each other regarding risk issues.

Risk Management Library

Yellowstone's Risk Management Library is the cornerstone at what makes us different.Our core competency is our Risk Management Services and the heartbeat of those services is Yellowstone's Risk Management Library. Sample policies, resources, and countless information on a variety of risk management topics.

Video Library

Our video library contains all the past educational webinars and prvides them in an easy and efficient format to use for facility education. These webinars are available at anytime to our membership.

Education Calendar

The Yellowstone Education Calendar is released at the beginning of each year, and outlines all of the educational webinars that will be presented. These webinars cover a wide array of topics, and are presented by healthcare attorneys or professionals.

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