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About Yellowstone



Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG is a member owned Professional & General Liability insurance Risk Retention Group, managed by member hospitals to serve their liability insurance and risk management needs. The group's primary objective is to ensure the availability of liability insurance and to maintain premium stability over the long-term.


Yellowstone offers more than simply insurance. We take a proactive approach to the entire insurance process by reducing the likelihood of a claim before it occurs. Through our superior Risk Management services and in-house claims handling, we ensure Yellowstone has our memberships future at the forefront of our intentions.


By altering what has been thought of as a commodity based, lowest price wins perception industry, Yellowstone has integrated a way to turn Professional & General Liability insurance into a profitable investment for rural community hospitals.


As a result, any net income for the company is distributed back to the member facilities in the form of Subscriber Savings Allocations. 


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