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Solo Strike Liability

Among the first in the entire nation to offer this type of coverage, Yellowstone's Solo Strike Liability Program offers both coverage and crisis management in the event of a "lone wolf attack" occuring at a member facility. 


A solo strike event is any lone attack by an individual on a healthcare institution with the intent on causing harm. This program provides Yellowstone members with access to crisis management consultative and support services if a solo strike event occurs.  


Yellowstone has engaged one of the nation's leading providers of crisis management services for your Solo Strike Liability Protection Policy.  Crisis management services and consultative assistance provides Yellowstone members with resources to help your organization manage and recover from a solo strike event.  Telephonic and electronic consultative and support, as well as on-site presence (as needed), will be provided.


Access to crisis management consultative and support services is fast and convenient.  To receive crisis management, support and consultative services after an event has occurred, call 1-678-892-4112


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