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Our History

Created by hospitals, managed by hospitals, owned by hospitals.


Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG was established in 2003 due to significant changes in the liability insurance market that resulted in dramatic increases in the cost of liability insurance for hospitals and healthcare providers. In response to these market dislocations, the hospital associations of Montana and Wyoming worked with Consensus Management to form a risk retention group for members of their associations along with selected hospitals in Idaho, New Mexico and Utah.

The purpose of Yellowstone is to protect the financial integrity of its member health care organizations with a combination of insurance protection, comprehensive risk management and a clear focus on containing the total cost of risk for members of the exchange. The
group focuses on providing general liability, professional liability and excess liability insurance coverages to community hospitals.


Yellowstone Insurance Exchange, RRG brings forward looking safety and risk management support to clients to prevent liability claims and comprehensive claim services to contain costs once a claim occurs. These proactive management practices bring stability to the cost of risk over the long-term.


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