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Claims Management

Your company, your reputation, your peace of mind...

At Yellowstone, we understand the importance of protecting your community as well as your reputation. Clearly, some claims have no merit. And should a claim occur, the experienced claim staff carefully evaluates the circumstances, establishes ongoing communication with the member, and begins a comprehensive process designed to prevent the payment of claims without merit and to contain the cost of legitimate claims consistent with fair and ethical industry practices.


No one likes surprises. So unlike many insurance carriers, Yellowstone does not act without your knowledge. You will be involved in the claims process from start to finish, every step of the way.  We strongly believe in protecting our facilities and the communities they serve.


It’s our objective to:
  • Make you feel secure and confident throughout the claims process should a claim arise
  • Help protect your community and reputation to the best of our ability
  • Not settle a claim without your permission
  • Provide legal council if asked or work with legal council of your choice
  • Pay only claims with merit
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