Our Team


Joe Schimenti
President & CEO


Phone:  866.216.7433 Ext.  203

Email:  joes@yierrg.com

Denise McCord RN, CPHRM
Director of Risk Management


Phone:  866.216.7433 Ext.  217

Email:  denisem@yierrg.com


Kelly Casey - Consensus.jpg
Kelly Casey


Phone:  866.216.7433 Ext.  205

Email:  kellyc@yierrg.com


Julie Gemar-Williams
Risk Management Specialist


Phone: 866.216.7433 Ext. 219
E-mail: julieg@yierrg.com


Ron Fulkerson
Director of Claims


Phone: 866.216.7433 Ext. 218
E-Mail: ronf@yierrg.com